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Welcome to Pants-Off Productions, a radical queer event-production company located in Portland, OR.  Pants-Off Productions has produced over 30 cabaret, live-music, dance, and theater performances since 2008, and is currently producing Homomentum the Musical.

For info about Pants-Off Founder Max Voltage, check out: www.maxvoltagepdx.com

What's New?

Soundtrack Albums now available FOR SALE at In Other Words, 14 NE Killingsworth St.


Pants-Off Productions is a Portland,OR based Event-Production Company Dedicated to Supporting Radical Queer Community, Art & Performance.  Pants-Off Productions originated as a collaboration between Max Voltage and Jodi Bon Jodi, with their first production Freakshow-a-Go-Go in May 2008.  The pair went on to produce Kick/Ball/Change (a 3-part dance series), the Homo's Got Talent annual Dance-Off Competition, and the Homomentum queer cabaret series.  During the summer of 2010, Max took over as the sole producer of Pants-Off Productions. 


Max Voltage has been performing since a young age, when Max would rally neighbor kids and put together skits & performances for parents and friends. When Max saw Itzak Pearlman play violin on Sesame Street at age 3, Max was hooked, and began pestering the parents for violin lessons. At age 5 Max began studying classical violin with the Nuns at Marylhurst College, learning the Suzuki method. At age 8, Max joined the Metropolitan Youth Symphony, performing quarterly at the Arlene Shnitzer Concert Hall, and touring with MYS to Italy and the British Isles.

Max's more recent performance career includes winning the San Francisco Drag King Competition in 2003, and running Pants-Off Productions.

Musical collaborations include playing violin locally with Katie Sawicki and recording with her as part of The Cabin Project, and touring with Chris Pureka as part of her band for a West Coast tour in Fall 2010, a Midwest/East Coast tour in Spring 2011, and recording violin on Pureka's latest EP, Chimera II.

Additionally, Max was part of the campy magical musical duo Glitterfruit, and is the creator of Homomentum, a sci-fi fantasy musical. 

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